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Cone Beam CT Scans Using Advanced 3D Imaging for Precise Treatment Planning

Diagnostic imaging plays a crucial role in comprehensive oral health care. At Nevada OMS, our surgeons are uniquely trained to read specialized Cone Beam CT(CBCT) scans, which provide an unparalleled 3D view of facial structures. This advanced tool supports precision treatment planning invisible on traditional dental X-rays. Let’s explore how CBCT imaging can enhance your care experience.

Cone beam technology rotates around the patient, capturing hundreds of two-dimensional images to create a detailed three-dimensional model. This differs from medical CT scans which require multiple rotations to obtain data and result in higher radiation exposure. Nevada OMS uses low-dose CBCT optimized for dental and maxillofacial applications. 

Advanced imaging proves invaluable for complex cases like dental implants, orthognathic (jaw) surgery, impacted wisdom teeth removal, and facial reconstructive procedures following trauma or tumor resection. CBCT helps our surgeons visualize the operating field from every angle before surgery through 3D reconstructions. This allows for surgical simulation and verification of vital anatomical structures nearby. 

For implant placement, understanding underlying bone width and height prevents complications. CBCT precisely maps facial bones down to 1 mm slices, revealing fractures, lesions, or cysts otherwise imperceptible on traditional X-rays. Dr. Perez and Dr. Christensen have extensive experience reading CBCT scans to craft customized surgical strategies. This preoperative “roadmap” streamlines workflows for optimal outcomes.

Postoperatively, CBCT enables verification of appropriate healing. Scans confirm implant integration with surrounding bone several months after placement. Our specialists can visualize osteointegration – natural bonding forming the foundation for prosthetic teeth. Follow-up imaging detects complications early before clinical symptoms appear. This gives peace of mind and supports lasting oral wellness. 

CBCT also empowers accurate detection, staging, and monitoring of pathology like cysts or tumors. If cancer is identified, advanced imaging provides precise mapping to help surgeons excise the entire affected area in one piece with appropriate margins. Precise cutting minimizes facial disfigurement and speeds recovery. Integrated software enables imaging-guided biopsies for non-invasive diagnosis.

Oral surgeons must understand three-dimensional anatomical relationships. The gifted team at Nevada OMS frequently attends continuing education courses on the newest technologies like surgical simulation and guided implant placement. Knowledge sharing leads to enhanced treatment planning skills, customized for each unique patient’s facial dimensions and medical history. 

Compassion is key, so Nevada OMS takes time to explain CBCT benefits clearly. The scan process only involves sitting comfortably still for ten seconds of low-dose radiation – much less than a typical medical CT. No needles are involved. Results yield meaningful data visualized through state-of-the-art software workstations. Our goal remains to give you a beautiful, confident smile through expertise blended with empathy.

Don’t ignore symptoms that could signify underlying oral health issues. Schedule a CBCT scan during your consultation at Nevada OMS to gain a comprehensive view of structures like implants, wisdom teeth, sinuses, or joints. Combined with thorough clinical exams, CBCT empowers precise diagnosis and surgical strategies tailored for you. This positions you to enjoy optimal results, smooth recovery, and a lifetime of healthy oral function.

Call us today at 702-710-9441 to learn more about the advanced care available through CBCT imaging at Nevada OMS. Our compassionate team looks forward to addressing any concerns and becoming partners in your journey toward complete oral wellness.