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All-On-4 Dental Implants for Permanent Teeth in Just One Appointment

For patients missing most or all of their teeth, the thought of dentures or years of dental work can feel daunting. However, today there is an innovative solution known as “All-On-4” dental implants that can transform your smile instantly in a single visit. 

The All-On-4 technique, pioneered by Nobel Biocare, involves placing just four dental implants – one at each mental region of the upper or lower jaw. These four implants act as anchors for a fixed bridge that replaces the entire dental arch. Because the implants are tilted inward instead of straight down, they maximally utilize available bone for support. Patients receive their new fixed teeth the same day as their surgery.

Some key advantages of this protocol include:

Immediate function – There is no lengthy healing process or need to wear temporary dentures during recovery. The fixed bridge screws right onto the implants after placement.

Superior stability – Utilizing four implants instead of six provides equal retention and avoids nerve risks compared to traditional placement. 

Cost-effectiveness – All-On-4 costs less than multiple individual implants while producing the same beautiful result. Insurance may even cover a portion of the costs. 

Simplicity – The whole process from evaluation to restoration occurs in a single visit, reducing chair time, post-op adjustments, and taking time off from work. 

At Nevada OMS, we carefully consider if a patient is an All-On-4 candidate based on their medical history, bone density, bite functionality, and comfort with the method. A consultation with CT scans and models helps ensure grafting or additional implants won’t be needed. Our trained team adeptly handles both upper and lower jaw All-On-4 cases.

During the outpatient procedure, anesthesia keeps the patient fully comfortable. Our oral surgeons precisely place the tilted implants with advanced drills and tools. While bone grafting is usually not required, precautions are taken to preserve bone. Within a few short hours, we attach an FDA-approved permeable bridge that snaps beautifully into place. 

Best of all, patients leave our office the very same day, immediately enjoying their new teeth as if they were born with them. The results are not only permanent but aesthetically pleasing and strong enough for anything from hearty foods to a night out on the town. Our supportive staff ensures a smooth transition, addressing any concerns that arise.

Follow-ups confirm the implants continue properly osseointegration with the jawbone. Cleanings keep the implants and gums healthy long-term. Committing to this breakthrough treatment means never looking back to insecure smiles or the frustrations of removable appliances. All-On-4 places self-confidence and quality of life just an appointment away.

Does an instant new smile seem too good to be true? At Nevada OMS, we invite you to schedule an examination to determine if you are an ideal All-On-4 candidate. Discover for yourself how this revolutionary method could save you years of dental work in favor of just one appointment and permanent teeth thereafter. Your transformation begins with just one call to us.