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Signs It’s Time for an Oral Surgery Consult & 5 Red Flags for Your Mouth and Jaw

Your mouth says a lot about your overall health. From cracked teeth to crooked smiles, what’s happening behind your lips can offer valuable clues about what’s happening in your body. As oral surgeons at Nevada OMS, we help patients transform their oral health and confidence through a wide array of procedures. 

Let Nevada OMS explore five common red flags that indicate it may be time to book an oral surgery consultation. While many issues can be managed by your general dentist, some oral conditions require specialized care. An evaluation with an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon like those at Nevada OMS can help determine the best treatment path. Let’s take a look inside your mouth to see if any of these signs are cause for concern.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth 

Wisdom teeth, formally known as third molars, typically come in during the late teens and early 20s. However, for around 70% of people, wisdom teeth either partially or fully fail to erupt through the gums and remain impacted below the gumline. This can cause numerous problems such as persistent pain, infections, and damage to neighboring teeth. At Nevada OMS, our oral surgeons skillfully remove impacted wisdom teeth using their minimally invasive CORA technique. By carefully cutting away gum and bone tissues, we minimize trauma and the risk of nerve damage. Most patients feel very little postoperative discomfort. 

Protruding/Cracked/Loose Teeth

Have you noticed a tooth sticking out farther than the rest or developing cracks? Teeth may protrude if surrounding gum and bone tissues have receded due to gum disease. Cracks could indicate advanced decay or past dental trauma. To assess the need for extraction, our oral surgeons carefully examine dental X-rays and perform pocket-depth probing to assess bone loss levels. We then work closely with patients and referring dentists to create comprehensive treatment plans.

Jaw or Tooth Pain 

Ever wake up with an ache in your jaw? Pain in this region could point to conditions such as wisdom teeth issues, jaw joint disorders like TMJ, or infections from deep cavities or fractures. At Nevada OMS, we utilize advanced Cone Beam CT imaging to pinpoint the pain source. Options may include extractions, orthognathic (jaw realignment) surgery, or repair of fractures following facial trauma. Our expertise in minimally invasive techniques aims to relieve pain while minimizing recovery time.

Difficulty Chewing or Opening Your Mouth Wide

Losing function in your mouth affects more than just eating – it impacts speech, oral hygiene, and overall quality of life. Conditions like arthritis, prior injuries, malocclusions (bad bites), or genetic factors could restrict jaw movement. By precisely cutting and repositioning bones, we help restore form and function through facial reconstruction. Our goal is to allow you to eat, speak, and live pain-free once again.

Unusual Swelling or Lumps 

Have you noticed any odd lumps or swelling in your face or neck regions? These could indicate potentially serious issues such as cysts, tumors, or infections needing prompt attention. As dual-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons, our team excels in the diagnosis and biopsy of oral lesions. Rest assured that any concerns large or small will receive our dedicated care.

Now that we’ve covered some of the most common red flags, call Nevada OMS to book a consultation and examination. Our experts are ready to listen to your concerns, review your dental and medical history, perform diagnostic tests, and provide a treatment plan. Remember, your oral health impacts your whole body. Don’t ignore signs that something may be wrong – detection and treatment in the early stages help ensure the best possible outcomes. 

Crafting individualized treatment plans requires understanding oral anatomy from every angle. At Nevada OMS, our surgeons use Cone Beam CT to offer unparalleled 3D views of the jaw, sinuses, and surrounding facial bones. This advanced imaging allows the detection of minute abnormalities invisible on traditional dental X-rays. 

For conditions like impacted wisdom teeth, exams may simply involve inspecting inside your mouth. But for more complex cases requiring Bone Grafting or corrective Jaw Surgery, CBCT creates a high-resolution view without exposing patients to radiation from multiple X-ray images. 

In addition to flagging oral issues, a CBCT at Nevada OMS sheds light on your overall facial structure. This proves invaluable when restoring form and aesthetics through procedures like Dental Implants, Gum Lifts, or reconstruction after Trauma or Tumor Removal surgery. By understanding underlying bone volume and density, we ensure long-term implant stability and healthy development of soft tissues. 

Are you ready to see what’s beneath the surface of your oral health? Schedule a CBCT scan during your Consultation at Nevada OMS by calling us at Call Nevada OMS today at 702-710-9441. This comprehensive diagnostic process empowers our experts to craft individualized treatment plans addressing concerns visible and invisible. By gaining insights from every angle, our goal remains complete transformation – restoring optimal function, comfort, and confidence through industry-leading care.

We are committed to supporting you with the latest minimally invasive techniques for a smooth transition back to normal function and activities. Don’t ignore signs your mouth is trying to tell you – pick up the phone now and start your journey to optimal oral care.