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Tips from Nevada OMS to Feel at Ease in the Chair

For some, even the thought of dental visits can stir feelings of unease. However, by understanding common causes and employing proven coping methods, you have the power to overcome dental anxiety. At Nevada OMS, our highly skilled team provides a soothing surgery experience through compassion and expertise. 

Anxiety stems from the primitive “fight or flight” response meant to protect us from danger. However, routine dental care presents no physical threat. Still, anxiety persists if the mind perceives procedures like X-rays, needles, or drills as risky. Other triggers include fear of pain, past traumatic experiences like a difficult extraction, or control issues from being in the reclined patient position.

The good news? Managing anxiety long-term requires conquering worry thoughts by staying present and regulating breath/body responses. Our surgeons gently explain each step, aiming to distract and establish trust. Anxiety dissipates once you experience our patient-centered techniques resulting in minimal discomfort. 

To feel at ease, share your fears openly and honestly. Doing so fosters understanding while reducing feelings of isolation. Our caring staff appreciates sensitivity to anxiety without judgment – together we’ll craft customized comfort strategies.

Deep breathing soothes the nervous system and relaxes muscles. Visualizing a peaceful place impacts brain waves more than worrying. During treatment, close your eyes and breathe away tension while picturing serenity. 

Informed consent matters. Nevada OMS clearly outlines options, risks, and your role in post-operative care. This gives you agency over your process despite relinquishing control in the chair. Our goal remains to honor patient autonomy even under our care. With full disclosure comes empowerment.

Take advantage of anxiolytic solutions. We offer relaxant medications for severe anxiety when relaxation tools prove insufficient. These are non-habit-forming alternatives to oral or IV sedation that calm nerves without euphoria – leaving you cognitively present yet emotionally tranquil.   

Tell a loved one about your appointment for moral support. Their physical presence provides added comfort whether in our lounge or at your side during treatment. We welcome advocates to hold your hand, ensuring you feel cared for. 

Nervous habits suit some needs but often trigger stress. Avoid excess coffee/stimulants, and instead walk, journal, or try light yoga stretches before appointments. These natural relaxation methods holistically support mental and physical well-being.

During procedures, soft music through headphones transports your mind elsewhere. Guided imagery apps engross anxious thoughts in mental scenarios eliciting positive emotions and physical relaxation responses counteracting tension. 

Our caring, experienced team understands anxiety intimately. Ask us about individually tailored support including relaxation downloads, calming lotions, or a ‘comfort kit’ containing silly putty or other tactile distractions. With empathy and creative solutions, we make each visit as low-stress as possible according to your needs. 

With practice and our supportive chairside manner, you’ll gain confidence to manage any future dental concern proactively. Regular consultations achieve prevention over last-minute interventions, building trust through transparency and partnership at each step of the way. Your well-being remains our top priority.

By addressing anxiety, you empower yourself and future oral wellness. The journey to feeling at ease begins right now – start by scheduling a consultation at Nevada OMS. We look forward to soothing any worries through understanding and expertise. A calm smile lies ahead!