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Corrective Jaw Surgery Should Be More Than Just Aesthetics

In modern cosmetic culture, achieving physical perfection dominates mainstream media. However, at Nevada OMS, we recognize the true purpose of corrective jaw surgery extends far beyond surface-level aesthetics. For some patients, invisible malocclusions severely compromise function, development, and quality of life each day. 

Jaw conditions like underbites and overbites arise from multiple factors including genetics and oral habits during growth. Problems could develop due to missing teeth, previous injuries, or abnormal pressures impacting alignment. Often imperceptible to others, these issues cause significant physical and emotional discomfort left unaddressed.

Beyond obvious facial imbalances, misaligned bites sabotage everyday routines like eating, speaking, sleeping, and hygiene tasks. Restricted movement strains chewing muscles endlessly compensating. Severe conditions trap airways depriving sleep and increasing disease risk. Without intervention, malocclusions halt the development of proper dental arches and airway spaces critical to health.

Poor jaw relation additionally damages self-esteem and relationships. Some hide smiles entirely fearing criticism. Others laboriously enunciate words, impacting education and careers demanding communication skills. Chronic pain and headaches further diminish the quality of life over time. 

These invisible struggles deserve empathic recognition and proper medical solutions. At Nevada OMS, our surgeons appreciate jaw surgery transcends mere aesthetics, profoundly impacting lives in both seen and unseen ways. We compassionately support patients confronting difficult conditions through skill and partnership.

Corrective orthognathic surgery entails precisely cutting and repositioning upper and lower jaws to improve alignment, function, and balance facial harmony as an integrated system. Experienced oral surgeons like Dr. Perez and Dr. Christensen precisely perform LeFort I, II, and III osteotomies or genioplasty, navigating around vital structures to achieve natural, long-lasting results. 

While cosmetic outcomes inspire many to undergo the commitment of jaw surgery, our primary aim centers on the genuine transformation of health, comfort, and self-assurance through restored form and function. We focus on correcting debilitating airway restrictions, bringing teeth into balanced relation, and alleviating pain – addressing root causes rather than superficial goals. After attaining proper occlusion, smiles simply radiate outward joy rather than disguising deeper suffering.

At Nevada OMS, individual needs always take priority over assembly-line mindsets. Using 3D imaging and computer-aided design, we craft meticulous surgical plans catered to each patient’s facial architecture and lifestyle ambitions. Alternatives like orthodontics alone prove insufficient for severe, multifactor conditions impacting the quality of daily living. Jaw surgery provides a single chance to remedy problems at their source through specialized maxillofacial expertise.

With a lifetime ahead after treatment, investing in oneself through corrective surgery deserves utmost care and consideration. Our goal remains nourishing each patient’s courage through dedicated partnership on their road to restored health, happiness, and self-belief. From expert evaluations to laser-focused postoperative care, no concern receives less than full attention. Here, aesthetics merely complement life-changing functional and medical gains beneath visible transformation. 

By addressing orthognathic issues directly at their root, Nevada OMS empowers lasting change through wholesome well-being – visible only to oneself, yet profoundly impacting each joyous moment thereafter. For those grappling with invisible struggles, we offer hope, expertise, and compassionate guidance toward wholeness on each remarkable journey.