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Don’t Ignore Bleeding or Swelling After Tooth Extractions in Las Vegas 

Whether teeth are removed for orthodontic purposes like wisdom teeth or due to injury, infection, or decay, some level of bleeding and swelling should be expected following tooth extractions in Las Vegas. 

As experts in oral surgery, the team at Nevada OMS wants to help patients know when these normal signs of healing have exceeded what’s considered routine after having teeth pulled. 

Ignoring worrisome changes could potentially lead to undesirable outcomes like dry sockets, infection, and delayed recovery time.

Initially, a certain degree of bleeding at the surgical sites is standard. Bite down gently yet firmly on a gauze pad for 30-60 minutes to help form a protective blood clot that will continue healing over the subsequent days. Intermittent light oozing of blood or serum for the first 12-24 hours does not usually signify a problem. However, if persistent heavy bleeding lasts more than an hour despite applied pressure, contact our Las Vegas dental surgeons.  

Moderate swelling around the cheek area, jawline, and under the chin following tooth extractions in Las Vegas is quite common as a natural bodily response to relieve pressure and promote mending. The use of an ice pack for 20 minutes on/off intervals can minimize edema, which peaks between 48-72 hours after surgery before regression. Yet swelling turning hard/hot to the touch or rapidly worsening could signal the spread of infection requiring prompt re-examination.

A dry socket, also termed alveolar osteitis, involves the dislodgment of the critical blood clot formed within the extraction socket/s left behind, exposing underlying bone and tissue to bacteria. Onsetting severe pain 2-4 days post-op after initial progress, usually on one side of the face and notably worsened by hot/cold fluids or chewing, frequently denotes this complication. Treatment involves medicated dressing changes under our care.

At Nevada OMS in Las Vegas, patients receive detailed after-care instructions to maximize healing while also learning warning signs like unrelenting bleeding, expanding cellulitis, fever, foul taste/odor, or excruciating pain beyond standard discomfort levels. Proactively contacting the practice nurses can help determine when increased monitoring may benefit, avoiding potential serious conditions through early detection and intervention. 

Having teeth professionally extracted by an oral surgeon like ourselves reduces risks compared to alternative venues. Thorough examinations verify surgery complexity beforehand while skilled techniques minimize trauma. Quality materials such as sutures matched precisely for individual sockets assist naturally knotting soft tissues closed protecting the spaces where roots once resided.

Our experienced Las Vegas dental team personally ensures an understanding of post-op expectations. However, the healing journey involves partnership – we ask you to promptly contact us with any concerns instead of ignoring changes you’re unsure about. 

A simple checkup often gets rid of worrisome signs, or early treatment optimizes recovery continuity if minor complications such as localized infection arise. Ignorance helps no one while partnership secures the healthiest outcomes. Your full oral and overall wellness remain our top priority.

So, if unusual bleeding or swelling persists following tooth extractions in Las Vegas, or debilitating pain doesn’t comply with the normal recovery timeline, seek recommended follow-up care without delay. 

Be mindful of self-care while also proactively managing your results through the trusted guidance of oral health experts. More information always empowers action, improving life quality for years to come!