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Why Teeth Whitening Alone Won’t Create Your Best Smile

A bright, luminous smile radiates confidence and enhances your overall appearance. While over-the-counter whitening strips and gels offer convenient whitening results, achieving an optimal Hollywood-style smile takes a multifaceted approach from the experts. 

The dentists at Nevada OMS understand all factors influencing smile aesthetics—and that brightening teeth alone often falls short of creating one’s most irresistible look. 

Teeth Shape and Size – Variables like large or small, square or tapered teeth impact balance and proportions critical for an aesthetically pleasing outcome. Whitening addresses solely color, not inherent tooth structure irregularities. 

Gummy Smiles and Smile Arcs – Excess gum visibility from short clinical crowns or uneven smile lines disrupts attractiveness. Cosmetic flap surgery or bonding alters gum levels restoring ideal curvature.   

Tooth Spacing and Alignment – Significant spacing, overlapping, crowding or rotations skew the smile. Bonding, laminates, or orthodontics reposition teeth for symmetry.

Chipped, Worn, or Discolored Teeth – Accidents/age cause such imperfections whitening cannot treat. Veneers or crowns reconstruct natural-looking replacements.

Uneven Enamel Loss – Early demineralizations or severe erosion mar natural luster. Composite bonding repairs uneven surfaces before whitening.

Stained Crowns and Fillings – Old restorations stain differently than natural teeth, compromising color-unifying outcomes with whitening alone. Replacement may be needed.

Beyond simply whitening, a full personalized dental aesthetic analysis evaluates every smile component. Only by precisely aligning all factors—color, alignment/shape/size, and surface integrity—does one transform their look maximally. 

Our experts deliver such comprehensive, multidisciplinary care. Digital smiles help envision potential along customized treatment plans factoring whitening, orthodontics, restorative dentistry, gum contouring/recontouring, and dental artistry. Integrating whitening with additional corrective care produces truly life-changing smiles enhancing confidence at work and play. 

Discover your perfect smile potential through a complimentary cosmetic consultation with Nevada OMS. Let our experience designing perfect smiles tailored to your unique dentition and preferences elevate your appearance investment from whitening alone to an exceptional new you.