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What No One Tells You About Recovery from Major Oral Surgery

While your oral surgeon at Nevada OMS thoroughly prepares you with realistic expectations for recovery after wisdom tooth removal or other major procedures, it’s impossible to fully anticipate how your body will feel in those first few days. 

Surgery, even minor ones, places considerable stress on the body and as beneficial as modern pain control has become, some discomfort is inevitable. Here are a few things no one may have mentioned about postoperative recovery:

Expect Fatigue – Healing after surgery is taxing work for your body and mind. Beyond actual pain levels, plan on needing extra rest as you adjust to lifestyle changes. Fatigue can linger longer than expected. 

Diet Changes are Real – Things like popsicles, yogurt, or protein shakes may be necessary for nutritional intake. Enjoying regular foods again takes commitment to small bites and extra chewing on one side of the mouth at first. Be patient with yourself. 
Pain Spikes Can Happen – While your surgeon provides a steady medication regimen, it’s normal for pain levels to ebb and flow as anesthesia fully wears off or you push activity too fast. Anticipating and preparing for spikes minimizes distress.

Bruising and Swelling Worsens Before Healing – Look beyond the initial procedure and expect facial puffiness, bruising, and tightness to intensify over the first three days as inflammation peaks before draining. Apply ice packs to manage. 

Eating/Talking Feels Strange – With numbness, swelling, or a procedure altering your bite, don’t stress if talking or chewing on your opposite side feels very different momentarily. Muscle memory returns. 

Results Take Time – While sutures dissolve promptly, recall that complete healing involving bone regeneration, musculature remodeling, and nerve regeneration occurs gradually over several weeks. Changes happen behind the scenes.

Each patient’s determination combined with adequate pain relief and self-care allows for weathering the ups and downs of recovery smoothly. If difficulty managing post-op symptoms arises, always contact your oral surgeon for additional support, adjustments, or peace of mind. Your comfort drives our approach at every step of this process.