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Virtual Consultations for A New Standard in Nevada OMS Patient Care

In today’s digital world, innovations in telehealth technologies continue streamlining healthcare delivery through virtual platforms. As leaders dedicated to progressive, compassionate care, the doctors at Nevada OMS proudly offer video consultation services providing an enhanced patient experience. 

Whether requesting post-op follow-ups, receiving treatment plan explanations, or initiating new patient exams, online visits spare travel expenses and time away from work or family. Patients feel at ease from the comfort of their homes while benefitting from the same expert evaluation as in-person.

The Consultation Process:

  • New patients fill out comprehensive intake forms online detailing concerns, medical history, and desired procedures.
  • Appointments scheduled via digital calendar receive secure video meeting links. 
  • Doctors connect through high-definition cameras and microphones for live audio/visual interactions. 
  • After discussions, electronic consent forms efficiently complete the visit digitally.
  • For physical exams, doctors can visibly inspect the mouth, teeth, and surrounding structures through smartphone cameras guided by on-screen instructions.

Telehealth streamlines referrals, second opinions, and presurgical planning meetings reviewing imaging scans to surgically repair jaw deformities, extract wisdom teeth, or perform biopsies. Interactive screen sharing allows pointing out treatment specifics together. 

Follow-ups prove ideal for post-op incision/swelling checks without requiring time off recovery. Through photos, patients exhibit healing progress receiving feedback on exercise, diet, or activity adjustments. 

All communications comply with HIPAA privacy protections. Waiting rooms, travel commitments, and time off work become non-issues through convenient video conferencing. Patients deciding on Nevada OMS feel empowered to get questions answered quickly without waiting for an in-person slot.

Our ongoing focus involves incorporating the highest virtual technology standards affording patients 24/7 portal access reviewing radiographs, discharge instructions, billing, and more. 

Tech-savvy millennials and Baby Boomers alike appreciate options balancing convenience, personalized service, and oral wellness goals. Nevada OMS strides to continuously offer such cutting-edge solutions prioritizing your complete care experience.