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TMJ Disorders Explained While Diagnosing and Treating Jaw Pain

The surgeons at Nevada OMS understand how debilitating conditions like TMJ disorders can be with extensive experience in treating disorders of the jaw joint, also known as the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). 

Impacting millions each year, these conditions arise from imbalances or issues within the jaw causing problems such as chronic pain, restricted movement, clicks, or grating sounds while eating or talking. Left untreated, pain and limitations can severely diminish the quality of life. 

However, help exists through accurate diagnosis and customized treatment approaches developed in partnership with our patients. A thorough examination starting with a detailed case history establishes potential physical or emotional contributing factors. 

Digital panoramic X-rays provide a full view of the jawbone and joint spaces complemented by advanced three-dimensional CBCT scans revealing joint structures with one-millimeter precision.

From here, exclusive attention centers around ruling out other conditions sometimes mistaken for TMJ issues as well as pinpointing the root etiology driving joint disturbances. Common causes involve:

– Improper alignment between teeth (malocclusion) creating an overload 

– Trauma or injury to the face or jaw from accidents 

– Stress or anxiety-inducing parafunctional habits like teeth clenching/grinding

– Arthritis wearing away cartilage within joints over time

Once the precise issue(s) have been isolated, our team collaborates with patients to design the optimal individualized management approach. This commonly begins non-surgically with options like:

– Custom-fitted occlusal splints worn at night to protect teeth from grinding 

– Gentle physical therapy exercises retraining muscles supporting the joint 

– Soft diet modification and lifestyle changes reduce stress loads

– Injection therapies directly delivering corticosteroids or PRP serum strengthen joints

– Oral medicines temporarily ease pain and inflammation 

For those where more invasive options provide the best chance for complete relief, minimally traumatic arthroscopic or open joint surgeries skillfully realign and repair damaged areas. When necessary, total joint replacements also exist.

No matter the treatment pathway, our top priority remains comfort. From the first appointment discussing symptoms through all follow-ups monitoring healing, patients feel heard, understood, and cared for by the knowledgeable team at Nevada OMS. We try to eliminate debilitating jaw issues to restore maximal function and quality of life utilizing a compassionate, collaborative care approach.