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The Link Between Oral Health and Whole Body Wellness 

As experts in oral and maxillofacial medicine, the physicians and dentists at Nevada OMS understand the deep interconnection between optimal oral health and overall well-being. By prioritizing comprehensive care through cleanings, exams, early detection, and treatment, our goal involves more than just healthy teeth and gums but also reducing future health risks.

Chronic inflammation resulting from dental infections and periodontal disease elevates risks for illnesses affecting the cardiovascular, pulmonary, and reproductive systems—some of the body’s most vital functions and worsening periodontitis is associated with higher risks for atherosclerosis, heart attacks, and strokes due to bacteria entering blood circulation from compromised gums. 

Lung infections also correlate to poor dental hygiene, making regular cleanings critical, especially for those with COPD or asthma.

Similarly, diabetes is associated with a higher prevalence of severe periodontal disease due to impaired immunity. The reverse also proves true – oral infections complicate diabetes control due to raised blood sugar levels facilitating bacterial growth. Identifying and treating periodontal infections benefits long-term glycemic management. 

Oral precancerous lesions and oral cancers also benefit significantly from routine screenings, catching abnormalities early before invasion and metastasis. Five-year survival rates drastically improve with early diagnosis and treatment compared to late-stage identification. 

Thorough head and neck exams guard against other dental/facial injuries as well. 

Beyond physical health implications, oral wellness influences quality of life and self-esteem parameters. Painful conditions like cavities, abscesses, and severe periodontitis negatively impact sleep, diet, social functioning, and mood if left untreated. Comprehensive care restores smiles and confidence.

We encourage annual exams and cleanings emphasizing detection and prevention through education on risks like poor diet, tobacco use, and neglect delaying treatment. Your overall well-being begins with prioritizing oral health—trust our expertise and commitment to your lifelong health partnership at Nevada OMS.