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Smile Makeovers Without Braces Using Corrective Jaw Surgery Options

For patients seeking straighter teeth without the inconvenience of traditional orthodontic treatment, corrective jaw surgery offers an accelerated alternative delivering beautiful, long-lasting results. As specialists in oral and maxillofacial surgery, the physicians at Nevada OMS routinely perform cosmetic procedures like double jaw surgery restoring facial harmony and perfect smiles. 

Beyond mere aesthetics, correcting bite irregularities can alleviate joint discomfort, headaches, and suboptimal oral function. Through strategic jaw repositioning and bone modification, crowding, spacing, or crossbites self-correct without years of wires and brackets. Options range from single to multi-piece LeFort osteotomies recontouring the upper jaw alone or in tandem with mandibular sagittal split osteotomies adjusting lower positioning. 

Preoperative planning involves thorough examinations, dental models, and X-rays evaluating existing skeletal disproportions. State-of-the-art 3D imaging like CBCT scans reveals precise surgical simulations visualized from all angles. This comprehensive analysis determines correction magnitudes yielding polished results meeting individual facial goals.

During surgery, precisely cut jaws mobilize into planned settings secured by rigid fixation plates and screws. By carefully altering bony support underlying teeth, malocclusions resolve naturally through skeletal changes rather than drawn-out tooth movements. Short postoperative orthodontics may fine-tune minor alignments.

While traditional braces prove effective long-term, factors like timetables, limited movements, and compliance influence outcomes. Surgery expeditiously addresses more complex skeletal discrepancies in a single procedure. For adults, orthodontic treatment sometimes poses fewer options due to limited tooth movement at later stages.  

Additionally, those sensitive to brace aesthetics appreciate surgery’s swift transformation. No more concerns over brackets’ visibility or inability to participate fully in social activities during protracted treatment.

Of course, recovery does necessitate several weeks restricting challenging oral activities and up to 6 months before feeling fully healed. But the result—a perfect, natural-looking smile—transforms confidence through a permanent solution often superior long-term compared to camouflaging dental alignment irregularities.

Before any treatment, thorough discussions help determine if corrective jaw surgery most effectively addresses individual needs. Our surgeons carefully review risks, benefits, and alternatives to ensure fully informed consent. Through precise bone recontouring guided by 3D virtual surgical planning, patients experience life-changing smiles without braces’ long-term visual and functional limitations.

A complimentary evaluation introduces creative options beyond braces alone through personalized correction of underlying skeletal discrepancies. Discover how Nevada OMS’s customized surgical treatments could provide an accelerated pathway toward your most beautiful self-assured smile.