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Pre-Prosthetic Surgery & Optimizing Outcomes for Dentures and Partial Dentures

For patients requiring full or partial dentures due to missing teeth, achieving optimal outcomes depends greatly on having proper residual bone support and oral health of remaining teeth or roots. 

However, years of tooth loss can negatively impact jaw structures over time. As implant and reconstruction specialists, the surgeons at Nevada OMS understand how pre-prosthetic surgery can sometimes enhance results for denture wearers.

Ridge/bone resorption occurs naturally without dental implants anchoring ridges in place. This shrinkage reduces usable surfaces and leads to ill-fitting, unstable dentures shifting out of place. For those struggling with retention problems, a consultation evaluates reconstructing lost height and width through bone grafting or ridge expansion techniques. 

When deficits pose obstacles for traditional denture impressions, customized minor surgeries fix the problem. Corrective procedures may involve:

  • Grafting bone voids restoring edentulous ridges¬†
  • Torus/exostosis removals smoothing bony protuberances¬†¬†
  • Frenectomies releasing excess frenulum tissues linked with discomfort
  • Tooth extractions extracting mobile tipped teeth prevent ideal denture fit

Pre-surgical meetings discuss these options with 3D imaging assistance visualizing how minor reconstructive techniques often provide outstanding long-term functional and esthetic advantages. They position dentures optimally aligned improving comfort/mastication.

Skilled surgeons at Nevada OMS delicately perform surgeries on an outpatient basis minimizing recovery times. Denture try-ins afterward directly demonstrate enhanced stability, retention, and more natural responses compared to pre-op tests. 

We closely follow healing ensuring prostheses integration aligns perfectly before releasing for long-term success. Investing in these simple corrective procedures pays dividends through far superior denture outcomes versus struggling with ill-fitting appliances. 

Comfort drives comprehensive care plans maximizing oral function every patient deserves. Consultations explore your restorative plan customized embracing all reconstructive advantages supporting lifelong denture wearer satisfaction.