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Oral Surgery Myths Debunked in a Fact vs. Fiction Showdown

With so much contradictory information surrounding dental procedures, it’s no wonder patients sometimes feel confused about what to expect. As experts focused solely on oral health, the surgeons at Nevada OMS aim to separate myth from truth through clear explanations backed by science. Let’s take a look at some common misconceptions in a fact-checking face-off:

MYTH: Wisdom teeth removal is extremely painful requiring strong narcotics for pain relief.

FACT: With proper anesthesia administered by our highly trained doctors, most patients feel little more than mild discomfort afterward managed easily with over-the-counter medications. Those experiencing moderate pain represent a minority. We aim to keep all patients as comfortable as possible during recovery.

MYTH: People feel numb forever after a dental procedure with an anesthetic. 

FACT: For the vast majority, numbness caused by local anesthetics like lidocaine or articaine dissipates within a few hours as the medication metabolizes and clears the system. On rare occasions, temporary nerve injury can cause temporary tingling, but true permanent numbness proves extraordinarily unlikely, especially in skilled hands.

MYTH: Surgery to place dental implants is incredibly invasive.

FACT: Thanks to minimal traumatic techniques, implant placement generally involves only small incisions allowing preservation of natural bone. Many patients feel merely mild pressure or discomfort during the brief procedure and experience minimal postoperative swelling. Modern dentistry continuously progresses towards increased surgical comfort and efficiency. 

MYTH: Extractions will leave unsightly holes and bone loss in the jaw.

FACT: Through careful bone preservation techniques, our expert surgeons work hard to minimize any extraction socket changes over time. With advancements like bone grafting and dental implants, preservation of jaw structure and function remains a priority goal. Empty extraction sites need not preclude restoring full appearance and function.

MYTH: People can’t eat properly or chew tough meats until fully healed from oral surgery.

FACT: While it’s wise to initially stick with soft, lukewarm foods, most patients find they can gradually and carefully start introducing slight texture a few days after minor procedures like basic extractions as long as they avoid the surgical area. Following our specific discharge instructions leads to smooth recoveries.

We hope distinguishing fact from fiction empowers patients to feel fully informed partners in their care journey. Oral surgery brings myriad benefits, and understanding procedural realities relieves unnecessary anxiety. 

Your health is our top priority at Nevada OMS, and we aim for every patient interaction to prove both educational and confidence-boosting.