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How Nevada OMS Uses Cutting-Edge Technology for Improved Surgery

At Nevada OMS, staying at the forefront of innovative surgical techniques and technologies improves our ability to deliver optimal, minimally invasive care. Beyond honing their skills through hands-on training, the specialists are committed to incorporating advanced tools supporting precision, safety, and accelerated healing times for increasingly complex reconstructive cases. 

Some noteworthy examples include:

Cone Beam CT Imaging (CBCT) – Whereas conventional dental X-rays provide two-dimensional views, CBCT captures highly detailed three-dimensional images of the jaws and facial bones. This enables comprehensive surgical planning, accurately localizing pathologies, vital structures, and anatomical landmarks before treatment. Implant placement, tumors, and fractures can be visualized with greater accuracy.

Surgical Navigation Systems – Pairing CBCT data with state-of-the-art computer software and tracking technology, surgical guides are fabricated to precisely map out treatment plans. These customized splints allow for the exact placement of osteotomies, bone grafts, and dental implants with built-in safety zones established preoperatively to avoid critical areas. Increased precision leads to optimal reconstruction outcomes.   

Endoscope-Assisted Surgery – Small cameras fitted onto dental drills and osteotomes provide interior views of the sinus cavities and other spaces during procedures like sinus lifts, cyst enucleations, and biopsies. Without external incisions, this minimizes trauma while ensuring thorough disease removal and bone graft containment. Patients enjoy expedited recovery.

3D Printing – Advanced manufacturing now reproduces three-dimensional anatomical models from imaging scans using plastic or titanium powder to prototype implants, reconstruction plates, and surgical guides. This interactive pre-visualization also helps patients better understand their proposed repairs. Precisely engineered, custom devices streamline complex cases.

Lasers – Optical scalpels utilizing laser technology replace conventional drills for select procedures, including frenectomies and gingival recontouring. Reduced vibration improves precision while simultaneously sealing nerve endings and blood vessels for greatly minimized bleeding and postoperative discomfort. Overall faster healing benefits patients.

Nevada OMS surgeons stay abreast of emerging technologies enabling unparalleled personalized treatment plans. By incorporating cutting-edge tools to enhance accuracy and minimize invasiveness, we deliver improved surgical results and patient experiences for even the most complicated cases.