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General Anesthesia vs. Local Anesthesia & What to Expect During Tooth Extractions

When it comes to having teeth extracted due to decay, damage, orthodontic planning, or other reasons, you may have questions about anesthesia options and the associated procedures. As dental experts, the surgeons at Nevada OMS want patients to feel informed on the benefits and experiences associated with both general anesthesia and local anesthesia during extractions. 

Understanding what to expect helps relieve anxiety and tap into which method aligns best with individual needs and circumstances.

With local anesthesia, an anesthetic solution is injected directly into the site requiring numbness and blocking the transmission of pain signals to the brain. Commonly using lidocaine and sometimes epinephrine for blood pressure control, this localized technique confines numbness and minimizes risks over full sedation. 

During the procedure, patients remain awake yet completely unaware in the numbed area as extractions are performed skillfully. Discomfort is minimized through multiple injections offsetting the brief prick sensations. Most only feel firm pressure, nothing painful. 

Recovery only involves 30-60 minutes for full feeling to return to the lips, gums, and chin. A light snack/smoothie and an hour of relaxed monitoring follow before leaving. Though a good choice for single teeth or when accompanied by a trusted driver afterward, it may not appeal to highly anxious patients.

General anesthesia induces a reversible, controlled state of unconsciousness allowing complex or multiple extractions to happen comfortably even for those with phobias. Trained anesthesiologists skillfully administer gas or IV sedation agents till responsive behaviors are suppressed yet breathing, heart rate and blood pressure remain steady and safe under medical oversight. 

During recovery, aftercare is administered tenderly, full alertness returns within an hour or two and patients feel remarkably refreshed due to deep relaxation. Though requiring fasting/no operation of heavy machinery the same day, it enables lengthy procedures in one calm visit versus multiple anxious ones using local anesthesia alone. Your comfort remains our priority.

Compassionate expert consultations address all fears while determining ideal needs as an individual. At Nevada OMS, personalized care is tailored to each patient’s specific circumstance utmost. 

Knowledge arms you empowered as informed partners in your oral health journey. Contact us to discuss addressing teeth using comfort-focused extractions exclusively designing positive experiences. Your ideal surgical journey awaits!