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Facial Trauma Reconstruction & Restoring Form and Function After Injury

Our faces convey immense identity, from expressions of emotion to subtle signs of health. As dual-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons, the gifted team at Nevada OMS understands no injury impacts lives more than damaged facial structures. Through compassionate care, our specialists restore both natural form and functional integrity following traumatic breaks or blows.

Facial fractures arise from various causes – accidents, assaults, sports impacts, or other injuries. Breaks occur across multiple delicate mid-facial bones supporting the eyes, nose, cheeks, and sinus regions. Nevada OMS routinely handles simple to complex cases requiring intricate reconstruction work. 

Immediate stabilization proves critical. Swelling threatens further injury or sight impairment if fractures remain unstable. Our surgeons skillfully operate to reposition bones using mini plates and screws crafted specifically for fractured sites. Sinus fractures warrant even finer navigational skills to clear debris and realign contained spaces.  

Post-operatively, customized immobilization frameworks aid natural bone knitting over weeks. Patients diligently follow care guides as their faces gently heal invisible beneath protective shells. Throughout, our team supportively addresses any concerns to ease discomfort.

Beyond acute repairs, facial trauma leaves behind aesthetic and functional deficits that compromise lives. Crooked smiles or persistent numbness signify deeper work remains to fully restore what was lost. 

At Nevada OMS, expertise gently guides patients toward wholeness. Aesthetic reconstruction remedies imbalance while protecting features integral to self-image and relationships. Meticulous bone shaving, grafting and osteotomies performed by our gifted surgeons naturally return facial symmetry and proportions erased by injury. Bite relations receive similar care for seamless transitions between appearances and functions. 

For sensory recovery, surgeons map nerve pathways to decompress or reroute injured branches. Even minor distortions impact daily experiences; thus intensive focus precisely shapes repairs down to microscopic levels. 

Advanced 3D imaging offers unparalleled anatomic clarity, from subtle bone displacements to sinus abnormalities imperceptible otherwise. Our team thoroughly reviews CT or CBCT scans to craft customized surgical blueprints, whether reconstructing orbit walls or refining zygomatic arches. Navigation technology tracks minute bone movements, elevating precision for consistent, balanced results.

Above all, our mission centers on whole-person care – repairing visible wounds while tending to invisible impacts upon confidence, relationships, and pursuits defining lives. Psychosocial support addresses normal fear, anger, or grief which naturally arise from trauma disruption. We aim to restore joy to each cherished moment, not just surfaces but inner wells of strength.

For those sustaining facial injuries, choosing a highly skilled team brings relief through difficult roads ahead. At Nevada OMS, dedicated surgeons provide unparalleled expertise, wraparound care, and gentle compassion guiding return to vibrant, fulfilled lives. Our commitment remains to restoring all that makes You, uniquely You.