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Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are most certainly a permanent solution to missing teeth while restoring full function, appearance, and oral health. As leading specialists in implant dentistry, the team at Nevada OMS helps determine the best reconstructive pathway considering each unique situation. 

Factors like general health conditions, adequate bone volume, and maintenance commitment level all guide candidacy. Here are some key indicators:

Health Status – Implants require excellent health to thrive. Controlled diseases like diabetes with an A1C under 7% pose minimal risks. Uncontrolled disorders compromise outcomes. A thorough medical examination ensures safety.

Bone Quantity/Quality – Sufficient bony support exists to place implants measuring at least 1-2mm in width and 8-10mm in height for single-tooth implants or bridges. Quality also matters – dense bone facilitates faster integration versus low-density structures. 

Adequate Oral Structures – Patients require supportive oral tissues and bone contours able to withstand function after treatment. A missing tooth site must provide adequate interarch space and proper alignment.

Maintainable Hygiene – Cleanings every 3-6 months and proper homecare shield implants from gum disease risks. Those unable to routinely keep gums/teeth healthy may not fare as well managing implant sites. Moderate-to-high-risk individuals require close monitoring.

Realistic Expectations – Implants restore appearance/function yet require lifelong care. Commitment to ongoing hygiene/maintenance checkups/evaluations supports longevity up to 10+ years barring any new health changes or traumatic injuries.

Radiographic Evaluation – Imaging scans assess bone needs revealing any deficiencies. Corrective sinus lifts, grafting, or reconstruction before implant placement often solve dilemmas by presenting alternatives to dentures. 

Our specialists determine candidacy through thorough examinations, and discussions addressing all factors to ensure implant success and satisfaction. For those lacking key elements, other reconstructive options exist restoring smiles and functions. Your goals and health drive our recommendations for the very best pathway unique to your oral situation.