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5 Important Questions to Ask Your Oral Surgeon Before Surgery

Researching about and asking the right questions ahead of any major procedure is what we advise our clients at Nevada OMS. Any kind of oral surgery, be it a wisdom tooth removal, a dental implant replacement or various corrective jaw procedures can easily build up concern in our minds ahead of the scheduled date. 

The right questions and research help both you and your dental surgeon to be well-prepared for a complication-free surgical experience and recovery. As the trusted oral surgery specialists at Nevada OMS, we want our patients to feel fully informed and supported through every stage of care. Consider inquiring about the following key points at your pre-op consultation:

1. What is the full procedure plan?

Your surgeon should clearly outline each step from the initial exam and anesthesia plan through closure and follow-up expectations. Clarify specifics like anticipated surgery duration and any necessary pre-/post-op instructions. Knowing exactly what to expect relieves anxieties.

2. What are the risks and potential complications?  

While good outcomes are standard, it’s important to review all potential risks, warning signs, and care protocols if issues arise. Ask how these will be managed and don’t hesitate to express any additional concerns. 

3. How much experience do you have performing this procedure?

A high volume of similar, successful past cases performed by your surgeon builds the highest confidence in optimal results. Don’t hesitate to inquire about the general experience, ongoing education, and certifications.

4. What are the anticipated post-op recovery details?  

Understand restrictions, normal healing steps, potential symptoms addressed with care instructions, and estimated times for getting back to regular activities. Establishing clear recovery guidelines eases you smoothly through this stage.

5. How soon after surgery can I expect to see final results?

Know when follow-ups occur and what the typical timeline looks like for regaining functions or seeing end goals like healed extraction sites or restored bites with implants and final restorations. Realistic expectations empower confidence in your care plan.  

We aim for complete transparency with patients regarding every aspect of surgical treatment. Contact us for your personalized consultation exploring the planned procedure’s benefits in restoring your oral health and function. Thorough discussions empower fully informed consent and relieve any uncertainties you may have moving forward. Your trust matters greatly to ensure the very best results and care experience.